Global Communications

The Lazarus Group can ensure that you are connected anywhere in the world by providing you with telephony services, radio networks, remote satellite links and internet connections.These connections can also be secured and encrypted to ensure your information is kept confidential.

Our secure,managed and flexible services provide you with peace of mind by securely communicating protected data ( up to IL4 and IL5) anywhere in the world without risk of compromise.

Radio Satellite and Internet:

No matter what the level of information, we design,build and deploy bespoke radio, satellite and internet communication systems that allow you to be confident in communicating in the most remote or hazardous locations.

Secure Telephony:

Whether you need secure telephones,voice over internet protocol(VOIP) or satellite coms, we can provide you with a range of systems covering various levels of confidentiality that will integrate with your organisations existing infrastructure.

Telecomunications for Remote and Hostile Environments:

The Lazarus Group can provide voice and data services in areas where either none exist or where high intensity conflicts,natural disasters,pandemics or terrorist attacks may have destroyed existing networks.We design,deliver and support a range of satellite, telephony, radio and IT communication services for clients around the world.The group can provide clients working in diverse markets and locations with the ability to communicate when it matters even when others can’t.

The Lazarus Group operates independently from suppliers which enables impartiality when making hardware choices and allows the use of the most advanced systems. The ability to provide bespoke telecommunications services and systems enables the group to meet all the clients communications requirements.

The Lazarus Group has a communications team that is highly qualified and experienced in installing and maintaining the equipment, for large government and aid agencies, security forces and international business.