Super Yacht Support

With the increased risk of international terrorism as well as the ever present threat of piracy,super yacht owners and their guests and crews, are increasingly aware of the need for maritime security.

The Lazarus Group can provide highly experienced teams to secure any kind of vessel in any waters around the world.We also crew and deliver yachts form location to location to ensure safe passage, this capability allows owners to fly from one safe location and meet the vessel at another. Leaving our teams to navigate hostile waters without the owner putting themselves at risk.

New Build Consultancy:

The Lazarus Group can provide consultancy services during the design and build phase of a new vessel to enable a complete technical and operational security package based on a clients requirements.

  • Diver detection sonar
  • Counter intruder radar
  • CCTV
  • Infra red and thermal imaging cameras
  • Biometric and radio frequency ID for access control
  • Deck sensors
  • External and under water lighting