Close Protection (Bodyguards)

The Lazarus Group provide close protection services to a full range of client groups,all with varying needs and requirements associated with their professions, lifestyles, activities, beliefs and political status. All our operatives are licensed and conform to the criteria set down by the security industry authority (SIA).

They can be deployed worldwide either individually or as part of a team with varied responsibilities including physical protection,mtravel management, logistical planning,crisis management and emergency medical support.

The Lazarus Group Operatives are qualified and carry out the following:

  • Protection Operative
  • Protection detail (security team)
  • Searching and securing both permanent and visiting venues
  • Security advance party (SAP) asses and secure the route and/or venue in advance of the client.
  • Defensive/evasive advanced driving
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Conflict management
  • Trauma/Remote medic
  • Dignitary protection
  • Fire arms trained
  • Fire and evacuation trained
  • Close quarter combat

The role of a close protection operative or team is to primarily ensure the safety of the client at all times.However the role is much more in depth and we expect all of our operatives to be capable of much more to ensure the clients life runs as smoothly as possible.

This can be achieved in a manner of ways dictated by the threat level, for instance some of our clients prefer an overt physical presence where others prefer a much more discreet service that to the untrained eye would not even be noticed.