Residential Security Team (RST)

This service provides man guarding of private properties or offices to ensure the client is protected at all times and to give the peace of mind that you are arriving or returning to a safe environment.

Its a popular service for the high net worth individual and also for the business people that leave their residence and families on overseas trips for extended periods or just one night.

The service is also used by clients at their office address if they are going through legal disputes or have high value assets or information at their office location.

Role of an RST :

  • Assess the threat to the client
  • Review current crime trends within the area
  • Review security measures in place
  • Make recommendations to upgrade security systems
  • Secure the property and persons within
  • We have a set strategy that all our RST work to
  • DETER- discourage,frighten,hinder and prevent the threat
  • DETECT – identify any potential threats
  • DELAY- postpone or hold back the threat
  • REACT- take action against the threat

There are 3 main components of residential security:

MANPOWER- the size of the team depends on the size of the building and the threat level.
TECHNOLOGY- Intruder alarm,CCTV,access control,lighting,movement sensors.
PHYSICAL SECURITY- Locks,fences,bullet proof screens,safe rooms.

If residential security is required a full site survey and technical security sweep of the property would be carried out. Individual needs will then be discussed so the highest level of service can be achieved.