Technical Counter Measure Sweeps

The Lazarus Group has a technical counter measure cell that operates this service worldwide,before during and after the operation. Sophisticated eavesdropping and remote surveillance devices, commonly known as “bugs” or “listening devices”, were once only accessible to government agencies.

But now this form of espionage technology is widely available on the high street and internet. The use of such equipment to gather intelligence and information is a significant threat to many organisations.

The Group often deals with both small and large companies that are concerned about the following situations arising.

  • Leaks of commercially sensitive information
  • Unusual activity in or around offices,executives vehicles and homes
  • A hostile takeover
  • Protecting confidential information and strategies
  • Telephone or IT systems being compromised
  • The Group uses the most advanced counter measure equipment providing private,commercial and government clients with the following
  • Evidence of technical assaults on premises and vehicles
  • Assessments of the vulnerability to electronic and remote surveillance
  • Strategies to reduce risk from future threats
  • Our technical services can be retained on a routine basis or an immediate response to a specific situation

This service is also utilised by high net worth individuals who are moving house or office or going into rented accommodation or hotels to insure they can talk freely in the confines of their own property.